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“At SOLAR AI, we believe that the community is the fundamental pillar of our project. Without it, we would be nothing.

The members of our community are the ones who help us spread our message, develop our project and build a better future for everyone.

They are the ones who give us the strength to move forward, despite the challenges. They are the ones who inspire us to be better.

Therefore, we want to thank all members of our community for their support. Without you, we would not be what we are today.”

Henry Davies | CEO & FOUNDER SOLAR AI.

Please check our official link daemon carefully and avoid falling into scams.

How buy?

  • Remember to enter from your metamask wallet if you are making the purchase from a MOBILE PHONE.

  • Remember to connect your wallet before making the purchase from your desktop PC, always use the browser that has the metamask extension.

  • You can buy in BNB or USDT under the Binance Smart Chain Network (BEP20).

  • If you are going to make the purchase in USDT, make sure you complete our first step to purchase $SolarAI in USDT which is to APPROVE THE SPEND. Enter the amount you want to invest, press the APPROVE button and select the expense you plan to make, accept the transaction in MetaMask and wait for it to be approved internally for about 20 seconds, then refresh the page and press the BUY button (USDT only).

  • WE RECOMMEND USING A DESKTOP PC TO MAKE THE PURCHASE. By mobile phone it can be a bit tedious since metamask or trust wallet does not yet implement news technologies to improve your navigation.

  • You can use a mobile phone but it is much more comfortable to do it from a desktop PC, and this way you will be well informed about what the project is about by reading our WHITEPAPER correctly.

Link Presale: https://solaraiofficial.com/

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