📚Roadmap 📅

Phase 1: Development and Launch

  • Development of the entire $SolarAI Ecosystem. Website, Smart Contract, Whitepaper, community and security guarantees: Contract Audit, Registration and business patent within the United States ✅

  • Pre-sale start ✅

  • 500K Raised ✅

  • 8000 users in the telegram group ✅

  • AUDIT DONE (92% SCORE Security) ✅

  • Owner Renouced (Smart Contract) ✅

  • 1.5M RAISED ✅

  • Pre-Listing Avedex ✅

☝️ First phase 100% completed ☝️

Phase 2: Full Marketing

  • 2.5M RAISED ✅

  • Audit 2 (Certik)

  • Pre-Listing (CoinMarketCap - CoinGecko)

  • Marketing x5 (Bassed: Audit Certik and listing $0.015)

  • End Presale


  • Listing CMC/CG/AVX.

  • Launch SolarMINING: Initiate SolarCoin mining and establish the foundation for the SolarBlock network.

  • Launch SolarFARM: Launch the stake project for pre-sale investors, ensuring a solid base of committed participants.

  • Launch SolarDex: Develop and launch the monitoring platform to provide transparency and visibility into SolarBlock network operations.

Phase 3: Expansion and Security

  • Listing Bitmart

  • Listing Mexc Global

  • 100M MarketCap

  • Launch SolarBlock: Establish and strengthen the SolarBlock network to ensure the security and reliability of all solar transactions.

  • Launch SolarTrust: Introduce the Cold Wallet to provide secure and reliable storage for SolarCoin and other related digital assets.

  • Launch SolarCard: Launch the BlackCard to offer exclusive privileges to SolarCoin holders, promoting adoption and engagement.

  • Implementation of updates and improvements in technology.

  • Researching additional use cases and expansion into new markets.

  • Liquidity entry through private investors.

Phase 4: Innovation and Advancement

  • Listing KuCoin + Pack +8 (CEX)

  • Creation of alliances with other companies or projects to promote the usefulness of $SolarAI.

  • Launch SolCEX Trade: Implement the AI-based automatic trading system to enhance efficiency and accuracy in commercial operations.

  • Launch SolChat: Introduce the AI-based chat platform to encourage interaction and collaboration within the SolarAI community.

  • Launch SolarDesign: Launch the AI CREATOR Web3 platform to empower creativity and innovation in the $SolarAI ecosystem.

  • Dubai Crypto Expo

  • After our debut at Dubai Expo, we will try to pre-focus with our team on different EXHIBITIONS AND INVESTOR FUNDS. We want to take $SolarAI to a place where no cryptocurrency has gone before

¨This roadmap aims to establish a solid foundation, strengthen security, and promote innovation within the $SolarAI ecosystem, with the goal of driving adoption and utility in the market¨

Roadmap Official ¨ $SolarAI - Solutions and innovations with Renewable Energy and Artificial Intelligence¨

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